At J. Phyllis Women's Specialties we use only the best products and accessories to serve both comfort and fashion, including plus size bras which provide better support for large size breasts. We are the Tri-State's exclusive provider of Jodee® Products and serve women who have had mastectomies, lumpectomies, reconstruction, when one breast is larger than the other, or no surgery at all!

If you are looking to dress up an outfit, cover up the surgery area, or enhance functionality, our accessories are sure to be a must-have for any surgery or non-surgery needs.

  • Bust Cups fill out your bra cup for an even fuller more balanced look
  • Dressy Camisoles dress up any outfit
  • The "Drooping Shoulder Strap" solution prevents your bra straps from slipping off your shoulders
  • Ultra Comfort Shoulder Cushion reduces irritation and indentation
  • Jodee Extenders will extend your bra for a more comfortable fit
  • Patented Balance Fit ┬« Cushions used in fitting to solve the hanging underarm flesh