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Carrying Jodee Bras for women who have had mastectomies, lumpectomies, reconstruction, when one breast is larger than the other, or no surgery at all ... including plus size bras! Bra sizes ranging from 32AA-48II. Because we care. At J. Phyllis, we're committed to restoring customers' mental & physical well-being, recognizing expressions of fear, anxiety, depression, and sometimes anger. We understand that changes in your body image are difficult, and that everyone needs care and encouragement as you adjust to these changes. J. Phyllis Women's Specialties provides an environment where you can find the products you need to restore your body image as well as treat your concerns with respect, privacy, and support. Our customers can be assured they will be fit by an experienced, board certified mastectomy fitter.

Free Pre-Surgery & Post-Surgery Consultation

Scheduling a free pre-surgery consultation may help you be more prepared during your post-mastectomy fitting, usually 4-6 weeks following surgery, and provides the opportunity to discuss post-op garments that may increase your comfort during the healing process as well.
Consultations are conducted by a board certified mastectomy fitter to discuss bra and breast form options to best fit your needs.
We recommend calling to schedule an appointment to assure you are given the personal attention and fitting you deserve. Private appointments are also available outside of normal business hours for those who prefer this option.
Call (812) 471-1122 to schedule your free personal consultation.

Your Privacy Matters

Your privacy is assured in our comfortable and discrete surroundings. All information given to J. Phyllis Women's Specialties remains confidential.A copy of our privacy practices is available to every customer.


* J. Phyllis Stevens, Board Certified Mastectomy Fitter Since 2001 with The Board of Certification / Accreditation International (BOC).* Fully Accredited by the American Board for Certification (ABC) in DME Mastectomy and Prosthetics Supplies.